Restoring childhood dreams and attributes.

For quite a long time, anytime the prayer of restoration was raised in church, I would thought to myself "what have I lost?" after all, it wasn't like I was once rich and now broke. Anyway I would pray it.

How much did I pay for my purpose?

Recently, when I consider the things I do and intends to do (if Jesus tarries), I said to myself "this is a great privilege". Now, I'm sure you have probably heard that nothing comes free? So how much do you pay to live on purpose?


Jesus brand: The foundation of my personal brand.

Today, I have decided to share how I cement my ideas. You see, there are two ways by which I cement what I want to do and what I am currently doing.

What has He told you and what is He saying to you now?

I recently made a short post on Facebook, where I encouraged us to start writing down what Jesus is telling us because it may be what will end up saving us when we need help. I could not go into details because I intends my social media posts to be short and concise. But I have decided to say the reason behind that short post here.

Doing Business and Living unusual is doing it the Jesus way

The inspiration to write this post came from a discussion I had with a friend. We were talking about how Rebbecca cooked a delicacy for Jacob in such a way that it tasted like Esau's recipe, the father ate it and did not suspect anything!

Amazed, yet grateful!

I am currently still amazed with what I'm about to share today. It was something that shocked me in a way, but also left me grateful.

This is what will make others listen to you.

Recently, I used my money to promote a song for someone on Facebook and Instagram. Apart from doing it to get others to download the song, I was interested in knowing how promotion works because I have stuffs I would want to promote soon. From this, I learnt the wide gap between reach and engagement.

Living the life!

Can I tell you to drop everything you are doing now and check out this book: what on earth am I here for? It's a book by Rick Warren that is meant to help you live a purpose driven life.

Why I won't date any of my ex again

I have seen many people's reactions to the idea of them ever dating their ex again, and most of the time it's always a negative response. The thought of getting back with an ex even disgust some. And each time I can only wonder why the people we would once climb the highest mountain for now became someone we don't even what to see alive?

What will I do to my pregnant teenage girl?

Now this is one big question, that is easy to say "you can't answer until you are in the condition". Well, I disagree with that, maybe because I am a woman, or maybe because of what I know and I have seen especially in the society and I have decide to make a better choice as mother.