Career success: What you should know before learning a new Skill

I know a lot of people who have learnt different skills but ended up dumping them, some learnt it because they where jobless and others as a mean of whiling away time. I have my own experiences too.

It may be true that no knowledge is wasted. But precious time can be wasted. I have developed four important points for you to unravel before you develop any skill.

1. Your motivation for learning the skill
It is a waste of time and energy to spend days, months or even years learning a skill that you hate or have no passion to use later on.

Don't learn a skill because your colleagues or people you know are learning it. Remember that your make up is different.

Now you also don't have to learn a skill because your Spouse or parents thought it is what is right for you. Never base your life on the feelings of others, ask yourself if you truely need the skill, now you have to research the skill and find out what is in it for you.

Imagine you are in a party or gathering and an old colleague walk up to you and asked 'hey, so what going on with your career now?' Will you be proud to start a discussion on the skill you are about to learn or currently learning?. You need to answer that.

2. Does it compliment your career?
Now we have to understand that there are some skills we have to develop because we need it for our career or the business we own.

For example, if you intend to start a laundry business, you will definitely want to learn Ironing skill, till you can afford to hire someone who can handle that part of the business for you.

Speed typing and Computer proficiency are two skills a Company secretary or an Entrepreneur who needs to develop and send out loads of proposals from the computer will want to learn.
So you have to find out the skill that is more relevant to your career.

3. Can it be taking on professionally?
If you work in a multinational or a government owned company, there are some skill that can be of added value to you. Let say you know how to swim, run, play football and your company wants to start a sport club, sponsor a sport competition you may be called on to represent your company.

So while you are earning your monthly income, you will also get paid for your skill. I guess that's something to smile on. Skill such as sports (those that can be professionalize in your country) are good to develop in such conditions.

Writting, blogging and photography skill can be an advantage too if your company want to start it own Magazine, website or blog. You never can tell the opportunuity that will emerge in the future if you have an extra valuable skill.

Make sure you do a personal research before learning the skill, google is a good place to start your research.

4. Is it in demand?
Just because your heart comes alive at a calling doesn't mean there is a market for it. If you want to monetize the skill, you have to ensure it has a target market or audience before you can make a decent living out of it.

Now you have to ask yourself these question:
What is upsetting you?
What issues and problems have you encountered that you want to solve?

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