Devil's boyfriend: when your past comes haunting you.

I once heard a story of a politician who after winning an election, his opponent dug out a rape scandal that happened over twenty years ago! Though he won, he lost the office. I may not be able to say if the story is true or not, but I know that a time may come when you are relaxed into a new life, be it a relationship, marriage, job, career, settling down in a new city or even another country, the past has a way of knocking on your door when you least expect it.

We all have a past, a lifestyle we decided to drop because it's taking us no where. Some of us have experienced this drama, some are currently dealing with it, while some will one day be faced with the black head. That's why I called the past 'Devil's boyfriend' he can come in form of an old habit, temptation, failed marriage, secret, a friend from the past, past affairs.

So, what should you do? Rather than worrying over the issue. You should ask questions, and one of such is: why is this happening now?

Keep these points in mind for the time when your Devil's boyfriend will show up. And if you are currently in such a situation, before you throw in the towel you should consider these:

1. You have come along way to be drawn back: Paula White once said 'stop trying to pull back what is no longer part of your life'
2. The enemy can't stand your success: He wants to bring you down, under him so he can to trample over you.
3. Every choice you make is your destiny: You can decide to never look back or you can decide to be dragged into the shadows.

Remember this is life. We are all spirit beings having a human experience on earth. So dealing with the Devil's boyfriend is part of you living your humanity!

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