It's my Birthday!

It's my day, so I decided to do a reflection on my life so far. And I can't be more than grateful for what I am today.

To my mum, I say thank you. I couldn't have wished for a better mother.
Dad I know you are proud of the Daughter you left behind, may your soul continue to rest in peace.

To my sister and brother, thank you for being the best.

To all my friends (facebook, bbm, twitter, e.t.c) I say thanks for being good.

To Elizablaze blog readers, I say thank you for your love.

To all my mentors...if only you all know how much of your values I hold dear, and I'll continue to listen to your messages all over again since I can't get enough of the deep things God has generously blessed you with.

To my inner-cycle inspirational friends; Ifeoluwa Ajadi, Akpan Ekebo, Taiwo Ekundayo, words can't express how immensely I admire the wisdom God has given you.

To those who we can't but go our separate ways I don't hate you, because I was the one that gave you the permission to come into my life. But rather I'll say thank you for making me realize that life is better spend being myself and leaving a legacy for upcoming generations.

To my future friends, I'll say thank you too because I know if I have not decided to walk the good path, I would probably never meet you.

To God, I'll say thank you for your mercy and favor, you've actually prove to me that indeed you are the one that called the unqualified and qualifies the called. I'll will always be forever grateful and I promise to always be a useful vessel to you.

What's more to say than Happy Birthday to me!!!


pweetypinklady said...

Vow! God bless u.....happy buffdai...very touching

Mayordee said...

Happy birthday#betterlatethannever