One reason you should say NO to yourself.

When I hear the word 'self-made' being use to refer to a man or woman, I say to myself this is someone who has learnt to say NO!

Until I am able to deal with the 'ME' I can't successfully deal with my environment. Remember, what you call yourself is what others will call you. Sometimes, you don't even need to give yourself a name, just act it and people will tag you.

Here are three things you need to say NO to:

1. Your Body: These are your feelings such as:
- Eating, when you know you should loose that weight, or should be fasting (as a christian)
- You feel like having sex, when you know you should abstain.
- You feel like shopping, when you know you should save?
What do you feel like doing when you know it's wrong?

2. Material things:
- You want to have it all?
- What are you trading your soul for? money, cars, houses, powers, positions?

3. Your Family members:
- Are you always having this notion that you have to be responsible for their welfare, so much that it has become a burden on you?
- Are you constanly being pushed to the edge by them? Just because your father called you stupid, you have gotten 3 degrees, 2 Msc, 2 phd, uncountable professional certificates, just to prove to him that you are not stupid?

Learning to say NO to yourself, helps the gaint in you to come alive.

"I have come to realize that life is not all about me, but it start from me. Knowing this has helped me to focus my mind on developing myself, set my bar higher and become a better 'me'. Then I can be useful to myself and my environment"

Have a great week!

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