Sabbath's Appetizer: Prayer and Fasting is not a once and for all experience

Prayer and fasting is a lifestyle, a continuous exercise. Unlike some thought line that see fasting as a voluntary act, No, it is a must for a believer if you must reign as king on earth.

Matthew 17:21- "But this kind does not go out except by prayer and

Here are 3 key points to note that I have found useful which has helped me to appreciate prayer and fasting:

1. Prayer and Fasting is the alter of Empowerment:
It enables your inner man(spirit) to be more active and in control of your flesh. It also help to be in tune with the Holy Spirit. Therefore anytime you feel weakened spiritually, in faith and in life generally, then it is time to fast and pray.
2. You cannot stand within, and not stand without.
Just like when you stretch a rubber band to a particular degree, it won't return to it normal size again, because it would have increased in length. Same way, when you stretch yourself in the place of prayer and fasting you will definitely have added virtue to yourself. And remember all things happen in the spiritual realm before they manifest in the physical.

"P.U.S.H- Pray Until Something Happen"

3. Fasting is not hunger-strike or dieting:
If you are fasting without praying, then you are simply on hunger strike or dieting.

"If you are not chasing anything, and not is chasing you. Then fast a least once in a week to be in check. But if you are after something then you will declare some period of fasting for yourself"- Ben Oluyemi

"Sabbath's Appetizer is a weekly meditation on"

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