Sabbath's Appetizer: There is war!

You want to know why the devil is constantly giving you problems? It's not just because he doesn't like you, or because he is wicked. It's because he hates God!

Therefore, he would do everything possible to mess your life up, inject deadly disease into the world, cause havocs, just to get back at God. He wants to destroy God's creation -Man.

When you meditate on this, you will know how to tell satan off your life.

"There is something too strong for the devil to break in you: the God-kind of life."-Bishop David Oyedepo

Here is today's infographic below:

"Today meditation is extracted from Dr Chris kwakpovwe (Our daily manner), Bishop David Oyedepo (Born to win), Paula white (audio message- power of thoughts)"

"Sabbath's Appetizer is a weekly meditation on"

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