Vampire Boko-harams are not muslims but they are killing for Allah?...if I hear!

Isn't this a thought provoking question?
I came across this site that called itself '' but after the whole sermon about Nigeria muslims denouncing boko-haram. The writer was only able to quote one scripture that says they shouldn't kill any innocent person.

 Quran 5:32.."whoever kills an innocent, it is as if he has killed all mankind; and whoever saves a person, it is as if he has saved all mankind"...Please! This is not convincing enough.

Even the picture he used isn't that of boko-harams, it is just some casual dressed guys with one of them wearing a cross on his neck.
See picture below:

What does that mean? Ain't he suppose to use those vampires pictures? Is their pictures not all over the internet?

Let's get this right, I am not saying Boko-haram are muslims. But if they claim to be muslim and are using many scriptures from the Quran to justify their actions in their videos. Then MuslimsAgainstTerrorist cannot convince us that they ain't muslims with just one quote from the Quran!

Imagine, the Vampire Boko-haram strapped explosive on the body of a 10 year-old girl and push her into the market to blow up Eh! What now? All because you want to convert people to your religion? They use the religion of islam as their mandate for terrorism. All in the name of seven virgins in paradise? Is it adultery we are going to enjoy in heaven?

Why should you be killing to convert people into your religion. If it's that good, then you don't need to disturb our peace. You don't force people to enjoy a good thing, it's a choice.

Why should you fight for a god? Can't he fight his own cause?

We all have our beliefs and faiths. Jesus won't tell me to kill for him. He is not a blood sucking God!

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