You and the new 100 naira note

Yesterday I was walking with a friend, so I decided to buy some oranges by the roadside. After I settled with the woman, I looked at the change she gave me and saw the new 100 naira note. Looking at the money I said to my friend "I still don't get the purpose of this new note" she
replied that she had also asked herself that same question a lot of times.

I sighed, because I remember the day someone showed me the new note, I nearly tore it while checking it out, I had thought it was a polymer currency but when I discovered it was just a normal paper, I was disappointed and returned it.

When I got home, still wondering if it was possible to create a new currency without a tangible reason I asked another friend what he knows about the money. He then forwarded a material that explained the reasons for which the money was created. It talked of the amalgamation of Southern and Northern Nigeria into a modern day Nigeria in January 1, 1914.
Amalgamation Day, Tinubu street Lagos 1914

so January 1, 2014 marks the 100-years of the union, therefore the Central Bank of Nigeria redesigned the 100naira note to commemorate the event. A story of Unity!

After I read it, some thoughts started coming to my mind. Here they are:

- We may look the same but we are not the same.
I remember my pastor saying we should shake the hand of the person sitting beside us. Don't say after all it is church, you don't know who they are, you may be surprised to find out that you are sitting beside the Managing Director of that multinational company you are trying to get into.

- If you don't know who you are, People will tell you who you are not.
When I didn't know the purpose of the new currency, I thought it was just a waste of resources, may be another way to 'chop our money'

- what are you telling your story for?
Dr. Cindy Trim once said "don't tell your story for pity". Some, because of poverty have used it as an excuse to become armed robbers, or thugs. Whereas Charles Dollie, a scholarship awardee and Gideon Afolayan the best graduating student in Bells University, both said the fear of poverty made them to study hard to be the best.

A prominent man in Nigeria also said because of poverty he knew the only way he can go to school is through scholarships, so he had to study more than other students every session, just to win the scholarship for the best student and pay his fees. Who are you blaming for your problems? Even God doesn't like blames.

Isaiah 58:9..."Then you shall call, and the LORD will
answer. You shall cry, and He will say, 'Here I am.'
If you take away the yoke from your
midst, The pointing of the finger
, and speaking wickedness"

- You may not look like IT but you are IT.
I remember one day a guy casually dressed in shorts and t-shirt came to a shopping complex, my friend and I was about leaving the complex, he recognized my friend and greeted us. I didn't really see anything special about him, I thought he was just a normal everyday guy.

But after we exited the building, my friend showed me his car, talked about the multinational company he worked for, hmm the simple shorts and T-shirt now turn to what I called 'the guy is so humble' all of a sudden he became a fresh, fine and big boy...lol, what changed? The story I heard of course.

Bishop David Oyedepo... "You may not look like it, but your story will sound abroad"

Unlike the old note, the new 100naira note carries a story of Dignity, Achievement, Power and Unity of our Nation Nigeria. Next time you hold the note please respect it...lol

Take the new note and scan the bar code with your smart phone, it will direct you to the website