You are fit doesn't mean you are healthy; Take hold of your physical destiny now!

I use to know a guy who physically looks the 'ideal ladies man' tall, good looking and well built. But each time I happen to have a conversation with him, he would say things like " I need to get something to eat", " I have to take my drugs" or "I've got to see my doctor".

The first time this happened I thought he was sick, though he looked healthy, but over time I came to realize this guy definitely has issues.

I have discoveed that exercising often doesn't necessarily make you healthy, of course it can make you fit. The point is, are you doing it well?

The ability to differentiate between aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise will make you take hold of your physical destiny.

" your physical destiny will determine whether you have a destiny at all"- Anthony Robbins

Just because a guy has 'six packs', or a girl has the 'figure eight' through workouts doesn't mean they are healthy. There are some exercises we do that rather than burn fats, they burn glycogen, and when the body is deficient in glycogen, it burns blood sugar. But our nervous system needs two-thirds of our blood sugar.

Some even loose water or muscle instead of fat. If one is not careful it can damage the liver and kidney.

Please note that I am not trying to create fear. Exercising for fitness is good, when we do it right. I also want to workout and take hold of my physical destiny as much as you do.

Therefore, every thursday I will be sharing the ways we can keep our body fit and healthy, so that we can live our life to the fullest.

" The human body is the best picture picture of the human soul"- Ludwig Wittgenstein


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A nice one there.
This is where the experts come in to take on the professional aspect of kinds of exercise. Will throw more light on this. Kudos miss

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