Do you have a mission power house? Here is how to build one.

During my service year, a friend entered my room at my place of primary assignment, saw my books and exclaimed "don't tell me you read all these."

I laughed and told him most of the books he was seeing were actually the books I recently bought that year as I didn't travel with my books because of the weight.

I've heard people say they don't like reading and each time I try to argue it, you read stories online, read chat messages, and magazines. It means you actually like reading, you probably haven't figure out the importance of amassing wisdom from different source.

It is possible to feel reading is stressful especially in the university where you have to read notes on topics you don't like, by a lecturer you don't like as well.

Now I am not talking about reading for exams, I am talking about reading to improve your life. Gaining from other people's experiences, building a power house.

"There must be a time when you eat with people, eat from people, feed yourself and feed others."- Elizablaze

My power house are the books I read, the audio tapes I listen to and the seminars I attend.

I have a belief system, what you don't know you don't know.

Don't try reading a book because everyone is reading it, we are wired differently, what sparks my interest, may dull yours.

Where you are going will determine how strong your power house is at present.

If you want to be successful in your career or other aspect of life, here are few points you should know when building a mission power house.

1. Know that you can't get all in at once.
I once heard a man says when he is done reading a book he gives it out.
I don't do that and I don't think I will ever do.

I have learnt that there is no way I can get all that is in a book or an audio tape once. The author or speaker propably put them together after many years of experiences even before I was born.
Things will happen that will require you to make reference to them.

But I do share the audio messages and e-books I have copied to my phone or tablet.

2. What you don't have, you can't give.
The wisdom you don't have you can't give. You would only be operating on assumptions. Which can be very harmful.

3. Makes you a visionary.
To be a visonary, you must stand on the shoulders of trailblazers and pathfinders.
When I intend to do embark on a major project, I first do my research on it.
That way, I already have an idea of what the end result will be like and therefore it enables me to focus, persist and be patient.

"I am not trying to be as good as you, I'm going to set my bar higher and I will be better."- Sidney Poitier

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