How other's imaginations have messed up our life.

"Whatever is directing my mind, the way I think about something the way I feel about it, is going to direct my the quality of life that I live is determine by the quality of mind that I have"- Paula White
In boarding school, I had access to numerous romance magazines and novels. So when we are about going for holidays, I would borrow some and take it home. I had a way of hiding it from my elder sister because I knew she would report me to my mum.

But when my mum is around I bring it out to read because I knew she was too busy with house chores or writing her lesson notes, to ask me what I was reading. But I was careful enough not to drop it anyhow around the house. My mum is a teacher, she loves it when a child settle down to read, so I can easily hide the novels between school notes.

Then one day I read a particular romance novel, I still remember the title till date. And I kept going to the toilet almost every five minute to urinate.

That book sort of gave me something I never considered before, it made me realized that it will do me no good, but to mess up with my mind and somehow while still in boarding school I lost interest in romance novels.

Years later, I came across a particular novel, the title was fascinating, and by then I had come to love reading biographies, so rather than read the novel I decided to read the author's profiles on wikipedia.

I was shocked to discover the woman had being divorced about five times. I looked up another author profile and found out she had also had been through three divorce.

"Some of the things we are experiencing now is as a result of the informations that are buried in our subconscious, and we can keep going through the same cycle until we identify the root cause"- Elizablaze

It was then that I came to the realization that these authors were actually writing their own fantasy, a life they wished they could live. And at a young age, I thought it was real.

This is how the media and movies are selling us lies. Instead of working on a relationship, ladies and men will jump from one relationship to another thinking what they read in novels or watched in movies can be replicated in their life.

But Harlequin and Silhouette romance novels are nothing but some person's imagination.

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