Just like a night, this too shall pass

Last year december I was talking with a guy, he said something that later got me thinking. He said he doesn't pray concerning his present problems, rather he prays for wisdom for his future endeavors.
He said he knows one day what he is presently going through will be over.

Every life challenges is like a night, it will soon be over, morning will come and what will stay with you is your attitude toward it.

When I looked back at my life I realized how far I have come, I have been through so many things that seem impossible, things that made me say, it is over. Years later, here I am still standing.

The things we see, hear and read during crisis really matters. There is a proverbs that says "what a bird ate, it flies with."
When going through difficulties, be it finance, relationship, divorce, health, career and so on there are some things we should always have in mind.

1. Do the fast forward visualization.
Imagine how you will feel after the issue is resolved, imagine you are living the life you want and you look back in few years at your present condition, what will be reaction then?.

If it is a health condition, think of the things you would do when you are healthy, or after the condition is properly managed.
The fast forward visualization helps to build hope, makes you see yourself in the place or position you want to get to.

2. Don't worry but do creative think.
There is a big difference between worrying and thinking.
In worry, you are ruminating over the issue, and depression may set in. But in creative thinking you are looking for the appropriate solutions.

3. Don't join a pity party.
We humans love to form association tagged "we are in this together". It will take you no where, rather you will keep brooding over the issue, expanding it till you start seeing the stone as a mountain.

4. Don't blame, but take responsibility.
When you blame, you see a reason to justify your reactions to the problem.
Many people blame their company or boss for their poor financial status. I'm sure your boss told you how much he or she would pay you before you signed up for the job.
Rather than find someone to blame, start looking for those things you will do to get paid the salary you think you are worth or start looking for a change of job.

Remember it's your life, take charge because this too shall pass.

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