Watch your back! These two people will harm you.

Nobody want the place of pain. There is a proverb that says "a foretold war cannot kill a crippled". This is why you should keep this information in your heart.

In this post I will sharing from my inspirations the two main category of people that are very likely to harm you.

1. The Users.
You think they are for you, but they really don't care about you. They care more about what they want to get from you. They can come in the following ways:

i. The Constituency.
They are with you because of your career achievements, political position, or societal status. They may be inform of colleagues, personal assistance and business partner.

They are nice to you, and they seem to want to help you grow your business or achieve your dreams, they even offer career advice. But the truth is they are after where you can get them. There attraction is to your success.

They are keeping tabs of your weakness, and they will dump your ass when they feel you are failing and not useful to them anymore. To them you are just a ladder to get them up.
They are good to you because your work is good. They are with you but they are not for you.

ii. The Leech.
They make you feel responsible for them, their main aim is to suck you like a parasite, they don't contribute to you but they make you bear their burden.

Leech are mostly relatives and close friends. You have to be careful about leeches. A leech may see a potential in you and invest in your education or career because of their hidden agenda.

So you feel indebted to them and they make you fund their lifestyles, take up their personal responsibilities.

iii. The Gold-diggers.
These are lion in sheep clothing.
They come to form a personal relationship with you, mainly because of your wealth or inheritance.
You have to know that gold diggers can be patient once they know what they stand to gain from creating a strong bond with you.

Their major purpose is get all that you own. Unlike a constituent that sees you as a ladder, a gold digger see you as a mirror, when they look at you all they see is who they want to be.

Friends and spouses can be a gold digger.

The sad thing is, among these three, a gold digger is very likely to kill you. They want to have what you have, be who you are. They won't hesitate to get you out of the way if that is what it takes.

2. You the trustee.
Now this is about you. Just like the bible recorded that "he who breaks an hedge, a serpent will bite" (Ecclesiastes 10:8).
Here are some of the ways you can get harm through broken trust.

i. Letting out a secret.
Once you are trusted with a secret and you let it out. The person whose secret you let out will see you as a threat.
Even if you still remain friends, you may spend the rest of your life trying to win their trust back.

ii. Breaking a relationship.
Relationship is one of the strongest bond in life. Be it business, career, friendship, courtship and marriage relationship.

This is vital because, we can get over material losses easily than we can get over human beings.

For example if you were once poor and now you are rich, you don't keep seeing yourself a poor man or woman anymore. Same way, if you were once jobless or has a failed business, but now things have turned around for good. What you do is you celebrate the now and not mourn the past.

But when it comes to human relationships, it's a different game. It doesn't matter the years, just hearing the name of the person that broke your trust, brings the event back to your memory.

When you see someone that looks like or acts like he or she that broke your trust, you remember.
A divorced man or woman will always remember their ex, whenever the children or someone did something that triggers the memory.

iii. Marital unfaithfulness.
Here we have vows, which has made the bond extraordinary.
When a spouse found out that his or her spouse is unfaithful. War set it.

Hell really knows no fury like a woman scorned.

When you are unfaithful in marriage, you open yourself to arrows.
Imagine a scenario where a wife who is yet to have a child, but discovered her husband has a baby mama somewhere?
Of course it is easy for friends to advise her to quickly get rid of her husband before he include the other woman and her child in his will.
Many husbands and wives have lost their life due to broken trust.

When you break a trust, insecurity sets in. And some forces will arrange themselves to fight against you.

However, note that there are some relationships we must breakaway from to get to our place of destiny. Break with wisdom, not out of lust or selfishness.

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