Passion and the money cage, here is what you should know.

One question people often ask when you come up with a good idea is "are you getting paid?" I have been asked that a lot of time.

It's not like I'm planning to run a charity organization with my business, but I feel money shouldn't be the first question.

But I've come to think people ain't actually asking because they want to know, they are just amazed with what you are doing for yourself, therefore the only way they can express it, is to quantify with money.

And if you are gullible enough to fall into the trap, then you have entered the 'money cage'

You should do what you are doing for passion and the love you have for it, you can then decide to monetize it later.

But if you put money first it will only frustrate you. When you do something for passion, you will want to be perfect, you will appreciate the impact you are making, that is when you can really count your blessing one by one.

When your focus is all about money when applying for a new job or starting a new business or career, then all you will be concerned with is how much is entering or is suppose to enter your pocket. Putting money first will dull your creativity and hinder your growth.

How can you make money with your passion?

Passion will give you the patient to know when to monetize what you do, you are not worried because you know what is right.
I have come to tell myself that I won't do what will make me run after money, but I will do what will make money run after me.

Passion, patient and consistency will take you to the height where money has no option than to follow you.

"Don't let today's monetary gratification destroy your future glorification"

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