Sabbath's Appetizer: Living a lifestyle of Praise

"Praise is what you do, when you don't know what to do"- Ben Oluyemi

Many times we let what we are going through to weigh us down that we forget to count our blessing.

Praise will provoke God to step directly into our situations.

Always remember God is the provider, you are the consumer.

What should you praise him for?
1. Those things he has done for you in the past.
2. What he is doing for you in the present.
3. What he will do for you in the future.
4. What he has done for others: the testimonies of others that you heard, especially those related to the situations that you want God to step into. Remember, if he has done it before he can do it again.
5. What you want him to do presently.

If you know how to think, you will know how to thank God.

My first word in the morning most time is "Thank you Lord". And over time I have learnt to say thank you Jesus when I finish a task.

Personally, I always experience peace of mind and inspirations when I praise God.

"Sabbath's Appetizer is a weekly meditation on elizablaze every Sunday"

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