Sabbath's Appetizer: What God want to give you is his WORD

Sometimes ago I went to visit a friend in her saloon and helped in attending to some of her customers that came to buy stuffs while she was busy making hair.

When I got back from her place, I felt empty like there was nothing in my head. It was a weird feeling, I kept wondering who I had contact with.

But I kept quoting Isaiah 60:15, saying "lord you said in your word that you will make me of eternal excellence, a joy of many generations, therefore it doesn't matter any virtue that might have gone out of me but because of your word, I know it is either you restore me or you give me a new virtue so I can be who you said"

I didn't feel okay immediately but by the next day I felt perfectly fine even more inspired than before.

I love the song by Darlene Zschech titled- YOU SAID

"What God want to give you is not money, it's not a job, it is His word in your spirit"- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

How word-full are you?

Just a verse or a chapter that you can recite and believe in, can do the magic a Specialist cannot do. Learn to personalize God's word for yourself.

This was a secret a friend taught me in 2007 using Joshua1:5 like this "Nobody shall be able to stand before me all the days of my life, as God was with Moses, so He will be with me, He will never fail me nor forsake me"

Note, it is not about how many verses and chapters that you can quote.
- It is about the light and revelation you got from it.
- It is about how it has ministered to you.
- It is about how you can apply it.

I have many scriptures in my head that if I have to tell someone its location in the bible I have to type a phrase from it on Google or on the Bible application search on my phone. The truth is this, it is in and it can't be taking away from me.

After all, the bible was originally written in scrolls and in form of letters, it was men through the help of the Holy Spirit that put it chapters and verses for easy comprehensions.

Therefore search out his word for you too and keep it in your spirit.

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