What will you do with a big lottery win? Here is mine

I have heard the question "what will you do if money wasn't a problem" several time.

So for the purpose of today's post, I have decided to answer it as good as I can.

Hmmm... I don't gamble but assuming I win big in a lottery, let say ten million dollars (I won't use naira because of the value) these are what I can think of right now.

1. I will leave the country for 6 months.
Since I know it will be publicize in media and many people will come after me.
I will fix the money in bank for a year, zoom off to a neighboring country where I am not known. Find some work and start planning the next phase.

2. Create a solid business plan.
I'm an entrepreneur, business idea and planning is not new to me. But with 10million dollars! Eh I've got to take my time and think of a solid business investment.
I will buy a franchise business and also setup my own franchise system.

3. I will live in a modernize farm.
I have always fantasize about building a house on a serene 500 acres farmland with artificial rivers, oil palm, fruits, banana plantation and animal farms. I will do just that.

4. Cruising the world things. without play will make Elizablaze a dull girl.
With my business system up and running, I will visit countries and places of my fantasy and use it as an opportunity for more business idea I can copy *winks*

5. Empower young girls.
Women's empowerment can never be over emphasized. My mum once told me a man can relocate to another city with just a pair of trousers and a shirt to start a new life. But given the same condition, a woman can't.
There maybe gender equality among the elite, but definitely not among the inner city women. Therefore I will set up an empowerment foundation for young girls.

6. Still blogging though!
Yeah, my blog will still be up and running, writing and inspiring others is a part of me!

Here are what I can think of right now. So add yours in the comment section.


Lady P said...

Give 10% to God,invest into agriculture,give scholarship to d less privileged,apply for my masters in Havard university,build houses and malls for lease and so on

Tope Amos said...

Very cool, Lady p