When money turn to waste, what do you do?

In my second year in the university, I told my Dad who was in London then to buy me a leather jacket just because I saw how nice it looks on actresses in movie. I told him it was cold season then in Nigeria and I wanted something that will make me look classy.

He told me he didn't have much money on him because he had just gone to buy some clothes he intended to send to my siblings and I. But I won't hear that, I told him I don't mind if he could return all the clothes he bought for me just for the jacket.

And when he called me the following day to tell me he had gotten the leather jacket for me, I couldn't contain my happiness.

Eventually when the jacket arrived, it was so beautiful and I couldn't wait to wear it to class, even though it wasn't cold that morning, I wore just my bra underneath the jacket and went for lecture.

It didn't take me long before I knew I was in trouble. Eh, Ife weather isn't London weather. I started feeling heat, so much that I thought I would faint.

My friends were admiring the jacket, I was smiling outside but suffocating inside. I couldn't fan myself because I knew my course mates would know it was because of the Jacket.

By the time the 1hr lecture was over, I knew what hell felt like. I rushed to the hostel and couldn't go back to class that day so as not to be asked why I was not wearing the jacket again.

I couldn't wear the jacket out after that experience, and so it eventually got damaged after over four years of being folded inside a box.

Isn't it funny how we buy things just because they look beautiful on others? A lady will buy shoes just because it looks beautiful, when she doesn't have any cloth that would go with the shoes. And so the shoes stays on the rack for months smiling at her.

What about copying hairstyle, and changing it the following day because it doesn't look good on you?