Don't let them take your time and take your money.

I was opportuned to listened to Mrs Temitope Olagbeji the CEO of sixth Sense decor speak. She mentioned how on her way to Ibadan for a burial ceremony, she got a call for a big business contract and had to return back to Lagos. She apologized and called the host that she would send cheque to her, but she has to go back.

"you cannot take time and take my money"- Gani Faweyin

I know many Nigerians like parties, in fact we have something we call 'Aso ebi' (cloth to be worn by friends and families for the day), which I honestly think should be stopped. Mostly for the unnecessary stress it cause before and after the wedding.

A colleague told me how her classmates at a point seems to be getting married every saturday and she was buying the clothes, but had to tell her friends later that she's sorry, she can't afford to buy again.

Why should I appear at every party I'm invited to? I'll buy clothes, buy gift and still spend nearly the whole day at the event.

Hmm...I know there are some socialites that are being paid to attended an event, it more like a business for them. But when I'm not into showbiz and I have to spend my time and money together, I don't think I'm into that.

Parties are not the only way to loose money and time too, unnecessary chats, laziness, unwarranted relaxation will can also make you lose time and money.

My point is this, I can give you money because I will make it back, but don't let me give you my time because I need it to make my money.

It is what you spend your time on that gives you money.

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