Job, career and family, which of these should get the most attention?

One day I was talking about decision making to a man who lives in my neighborhood, he his a principal in a private secondary school.

He said the proprietor of the school where he head, hardly consult him or call a meeting before making a decision and announcing it to the whole school especially after he had given the information they had earlier agreed on to the students.

In his words "I give 90% to the school and 10% to my family, but now I give 10% to the school and 90% to my family, now when the proprietor makes any decision that doesn't seem like it, I don't bother myself anymore"

He also said, "you see, I use to have chest pain because of the school, and I think that's the symptom of hypertension, now I'm a family man, my family matters too"

Hmmm, I couldn't tell him much maybe because of the age difference, so I decided to keep nodding to his talks.

Thinking on the discussion we had, I decided to use his story for today's post.

It's obvious we all need a balance in our life.
- You shouldn't be more committed to your job than you are committed to your family.

- Everything you are committed to will place a demand on you, so you have a tendency to offend one today and the other tomorrow. But note this: don't offend the samething continuously.

You shouldn't let your job put a rift between you and your spouse continuously, neither should you allow your family put a rift between you and your job continuously.

Why should a family man give 90% to work and 10% to his family?

He felt pained because the proprietor doesn't seem to give much regard to his position as the principal.

Maybe he should have being patient and try to know where the proprietor is coming from, he should have tried to know what makes the man to take decisions that seems to fall from the sky.

The person who employed you and gave you the position obviously knows he needed your service.

So when it seems they don't have regards for your work, rather than withdraw your dedication, it's time to re-fire and probably have a heart to heart chat.

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