Life is noisy, don't let it get to you.

After my NYSC, many people were suggesting different things to me on the next step to take. It was noisy, that's how life is. People will think they know what your life is about.

There is one thing I know, we may have a similar experience at one point or the other, yet it doesn't mean we live the same life.

People will think they know all about your relationships, marriage, career, job experience, health issues e.t.c

So when someone is trying to suggest something to you based on what they have experienced or feels, use the wisdom God has given you to discern it.

So how do you block the noise?

1. Only you know where you are going.
No two people have the same destiny, if you don't know what you want to do people will decide for you. So have a template for your life. Once you are cleared on the things you want to do or achieve it's hard to be distracted.

2. Listen to your inner man.
If only we can learn to listen to what our inner being is saying, we won't follow the crowd. Great men are people who listened to the inward whispers.

3. Go out to meditate.
In school, a guy many people admired because of his success as a student entrepreneur in the fashion world, once told me he goes to the school's sport field at nights to reflect and mediate.

Hmmm...we always wonder how he became the number fashion show organizer in school. Yet he was not a model or a fashion designer, in fact we were both in the faculty of Agriculture, but he became the best fashion show host through meditation.

Go out to an open field or outside your house, where nature can breathe on you (sky, trees, breeze, moon, stars e.t.c)

4. Do, don't defend.
Maybe you should stop talking about your plan, just do. People will try to bring your idea down to their level. It's a vision thing, they can't see it the way you saw it.

Even the inanimate things are talking, when you open your wardrobe it's also talking to you. It may be saying you need new set of clothes, or you are too broke to afford new clothes.

Your clothes, credit card, shoes, plates and so on are all talking to you. If you don't learn how to block the noise you may spend the rest of your life trying to satisfy all.

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