Sabbath's Appetizer: Have you placed the created above the Creator?

I have been in relationships that I knew was not God's plan for me. In fact I prayed for those relationships to end, and when they ended I would cry my eyes out and want it back, yet I know it's not meant for me.

Have you ever loss a very close friend, relative, lover, marriage, career and thought life has come to an end?

Isaiah 49:15- "...they may forget, yet will I not forget thee"

Oh have you ever experienced a broken relationship that made you:
- feel like there is nothing more to look out for in life?
- feel like there is nothing good in you again?
- feel like ending it all?
- feel like you can't be or achieve any meaningful thing again?

Note that I use the word 'feel', yes feeling is a lie we sold to ourself.

This is the mystery of soul ties. Anything we try to substitute for God will fail.

Act 17:28- "for in God we live, move and have our being."

Some people have lost a relationship, courtship, marriage, career that would have been successful, but because they placed those things above God it failed. Only God can fill you, not your husband, wife, friends, money or job.

Joshua 1:5- "...I will never live you nor fail you."

God created your friends, spouse, lover, materials, money, wisdom, in fact He created all thing. So why do we try to place the created above the creator?
Don't substitute anyone or anything for God, and all will be well with you. You will have that great marriage, career, pass the exams, prosper, be in good health and live long.


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