Sabbath's Appetizer: How to constantly bask in the overflow of grace.

It's another Sunday, you have gone to church and heard the sermon, felt the presence of God through his servant. You are probably going to attend another service during the week or wait till next sunday before getting blessed again.

If your church do record the sermon preached during service, please ensure to get the recorded message from the media crew or buy the audio cd after the service, especially the sermon that ministered to you or after an impartation service. You will also be surprised that each time you listen to it again, you will hear things you didn't hear during the sermon and you will get new light and revelations.

Haven't you heard people being healed and delivered through TV and audio broadcast? It doesn't necessarily have to be a live broadcast. This is because it is only the spirit of God that can travel back to the past, and bring back the anointing that operated in a past event, to do a new thing in your life. Ensure to always listen to audio sermons.

Lets do a simple calculation on the main reason why you need to keep listening to audio sermon:

- Let say a pastor preached a message for one hour during a church service, that means 52 weeks in a year= 52 hours of God's word (assuming you never missed a service)
- If 24 hours make a day, it means all the messages you listened to in a year is approximately 2 days of God's word.

Note 1: Most new generational church pastors don't preach for one hour straight because of the number of service that holds on sundays (except for special services) So the one hour here is like 30mins on Sundays and another 30mins during the week. So if that is your case but you only go for Sunday services alone, then yours is 1 day of God's word per year.
Don't be deceived one or two days of God words cannot change you, it can only provoke some thoughts in you. With time you may forget, but with constant hearing of the word you will be guided. You will constantly bask in the overflow of the presence of God.

Note 2: Apart from listening to just your pastor messages alone, God has given pastors different ministry and messages to preach, you don't have to leave your church, just get their messages online, especially on YouTube.

Presently I download christian messages on my android phone through an application called Tubemate, then I covert it to MP3 on another application called MP3 video converter, to turn the video to audio and also to reduce the size.

I did a post on Wednesday about having a super life with earphone, please read and apply it your spiritual life.

The calculations above was inspired by Paula White in one of her ministrations, but composed and written by Elizablaze.

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