Sabbath's appetizer: The rear gem you need for life.

A business woman once share a story of how she wanted to start an exclusive furniture business for the high class. But she discover that people will come and admire it but no one bought.

Until she discover that her target audience don't want to buy in Nigeria stores, but they want to travel out with her to foreign countries to buy. And they were ready to foot her travel expenses!

"There is a spirit in man and the breathe of the Lord giveth understanding"- Job 32:8

Most times we operate base on our knowledge, the things we can see. But everyone does that too.

The spirit of God knows everything, everywhere and everyone. He knows where your gift and business idea is needed, he knows your spouse more than you. The secret things belong to God, but the revealed things are ours for use.

Most times all I need to do is to type an idea I have being ruminating over on the internet, lo and behold somebody has already started it, but with the wisdom of God I can come out better and even take over the market.

"A person who fails to seek for God's wisdom will become a fugitive, he will run from one place to another"- Elizablaze
Don't live like others, it's a pity Christians minimize the advantage of the Holy Spirit in them.

Read, research like you won't need God's help, then seek God's face for guidance and wisdom like you haven't done your homework.

You can't operate like others. You need his wisdom.

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