Want to create? Stay on your lane.

I prefer thinking, formulating ideas or imaginations more than I like talking. I prefer reading more than I like talking. But I prefer talking more than writing. But to someone who read my writeup, you'd think writing is my talent.

Quite a number of times I've had friends tell me, I said something that they hold on to and as profited from it. Then I'd wonder what it was that I said.

And so writing was born to put my thought down. And I feel like I'm talking to someone when I write. A form of giving expression to myself and to connect with others. And this is why I own a blog, created Monday Dose, Sabbath's Appetizer and Today's couples. And I still write on career, money, and health. And I love writing them, because I like talking about them.

We can't go through life just watching others do their things without you creating your thing. You are permitted to copy from others so far you plan on building something out of it, and that is how innovations are born.

You can only create something significant when you know your lane.

McDonald is famous today because the founders and Ray kroc knew their lane, and that is why McDonald's corp created Ronald McDonald, McCafe, Happy meals, Hamburger university e.t.c.

Are you an author, researcher, musician, career person? You can always create something from your lane.
It is not what you say you are that will make people remember you, it is what you have created. When you hear about Robert Kiyosaki what comes to your mind? Of course he is not the only one who writes on financial intelligence. But he has successfully created Rich Dad, Poor Dad and cashflow™ among others.

Creation is a thought line. Some persons have build schools, universities because of their beliefs. Covenant , Harvard and Standford universities are good examples. You cannot compare a university that was build because a state needs to have one, or because a wealthy man wants to make more money with a university that was created out of a thought line, a belief.

Your Talent, gift, capacity and ability is your lane, don't run to other people's lane. Just because someone is doing fine in one lane doesn't mean you can survive there not to talk of creating something there.

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