Why you don't deserve a spouse if you don't have a career

A friend used a display picture where lady gaga talked about choosing a career over relationship when you are confused. What actually drew my attention to the statement was my friend's profile message, she felt since lady gaga is now engaged, she had probably misled others.

From my own personal opinion I felt the statement wasn't wrong, eventually we got into a mini argument and at last I said two things, and she replied with "gbam, well said"

I'm not always right, but I not always wrong too. I just love to learn.
1. If you don't have a career you don't deserve a spouse:
My friend said something that I loved, "Marriage is suppose to be a compensation to you" now if marriage is supposed to make you feel good, to relief you of the stress the world is giving you while you are trying to make an impact and you ain't working on something?

Your spouse is suppose to be your supporter, adviser, consoler, and a resting shoulder. Then if you don't have a career you are working on why should you desire a spouse?.

2. Before marriage career comes first, after marriage career comes second:
Though I'm yet to see a documentary on the best marriage in the world, but the most successful people has somebody supporting them.

Marriage is like an umbrella, while career is like a shoe. Under a hot sun, you can't walk about without a shoe.

Tara Durotoye once said it's not like she doesn't miss her husband who because of his work, has to travel all over, but because she also has something she works on, she's able to focus on other things while he his away.

My advise to ladies, the world has gone past 'me and husband' alone, you too should desire to make impact in your world, if not you will nag till Jesus comes.

For the men, how can you even choose right if you don't have a career. Marriage is not about curves and fine girl. You will turn your wife to a nagging bitch, while you turn out to be a boxer or wife slayer. If you don't have something your wife can support you with, why should she marry you?

Ladies when you meet a man don't ask him, do you love me? Ask him what he's working on, ask him for his plans- Myles Monroe

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