Why your job will cause you depression or kill you

A girl once came to my friend and asked him to teach her how to write a CV, though I was about to leave but I decided to chill and learn from what he has to tell the lady.

When he talked about career objective he said something I captured and mediated on later. I will phrase it using an example below.

"To join the work force of UBA group, using my relevant organization and management skills to achieve the company's vision of becoming the undisputed leading and dominant financial services institution in Africa. And thereby adding to my professional edifice."

The part of "adding to my professional edifce" is what I want to talk about.

Many times we stop at trying to achieve the company's vision and so we work our ass off forgetting that we are humans with a purpose on earth. Your purpose is not to serve and earn money to make a living.

You can only fulfill a purpose when you have developed yourself well enough to impact others. Don't let all that comes to your mind while you are working in a company is salary and promotion.

In fact you can't uphold a company's vision if you don't have a personal vision of your own. I once told a friend that I love private companies, even though they will use you, but they invest in organizational structures, systems, machines, technologies, and researches where you can accumulate knowledge until you are ready to launch out and set up your own business.

So while you are sweating, you are building business intelligence muscles. There is no way you will put the company's advancement at heart and your will not boost your professional edifice.

But when you don't have a personal vision, all you will see is the little salary and stress, you will spend your life hopping from job to job, afraid of retirement, have unnecessary high blood pressure and depression.

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