A call for financially empowered woman

Haven't we experience this scenario where at one point in our life while growing up and you go to your Dad for money and he directed you to your mum with words such as 'go and meet your mother' or 'have you spoken to your mother?'

At that point you understand that he's trying to tell you, he doesn't have money. What do you think will happen to a man who bear all the expenses and the wife does nothing to support him financially?

I'm always irritated when a lady who has no source of income says her fiancé is not financially buoyant and she's not sure if she should go ahead to marry him. Then I'm wondering if it's a rule for the man to have all the money to meet your financial needs? What are you the lady contributing to the marriage in terms of finances?

I wish every ladies can study the proverbs 31 woman, and know that it's not just about the man bringing in money alone.

Of course the man should be a able to provide for his family, but if he his currently working on something that will bring in more money in future you are good to go.

By the way, can he conveniently feed himself, you and at least a kid (pay for the school fees) with his present income?.

It is not a must he owns luxury before the marriage, but he must not remain on a fix point, he should elevate himself.

Nobody prays for evil occurrences, but if something happen to your spouse can you still stand on your feet, and not give out your kids to relatives, friends and outsider who can possibly turn them to slaves.

Be street-smart with your finance!

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Unknown said...

There are lots of ladies out there who have the mindset that the husband should be the one to carry 100% of d financial responsibilities of d home while the money they make is for them alone... I wonder what such ladies will think of ur post, but I love ur work. Welldone

Tope Amos said...

Thanks Rosie, well I think women should not leave all the responsibilities to the man even if he makes enough money.