Are you thinking about your life? All I had is a knowing.

The way I could summarize this life while growing up was, I'm a girl, I should go to school, finish from the university, get a job, get married, give birth, raise my kids, retire, my children would care for me, I'll be very old and then I'll die. But it never felt right, I felt there should be more.

When I see something spectacular about a person, I'll go online to research about them, then I'd be surprised with the different thing they have going on, for example I see a man or woman being referred to as:

A- life coach, televangelist, pastor, author, business tycoon, actor, Bishop, teacher, philanthropist, inspirational speaker.

B- Socialite, tv personality, model, actress, singer, author, fashion designer.

C- Author, politician, speaker, educationists, scientist, researcher.

Ha! All these for one person? And they were still married with children. And then I would wonder if they were human, then after reading their biography, I realised they were human being like me, but were dedicated to doing more than the norms.

Even though I didn't have a particular vision I can say I held onto, I just knew I too can't just be 'normal'.

So if asked what is the force that has guided me so far, I will say it's a 'knowing' that I have something significant to do. Something to offer to humanity. I wasn't there when I was being created, but now I'm here, I have to workout my destiny.

For crying out loud, I outran millions of other sperm cells to become me, I can't be sent to earth just to balance the ecosystem.

So this brings me to the two types of 'knowing' that we need to lead a successful life.

1. A knowing before vision.
This is like a settlement in your heart that things will turn out for good. You may not have a plan on ground or know exactly what to do but your inner intuition assured you something good is going to happen for you.

2. Knowing after vision.
Here you are convinced because you are in a process. You can predict the outcome of something that you have prepared for. For example in school, you know you will one day graduate because you can envision yourself as a graduated. It is this knowing that makes you to press forward no matter what you see physically.

In life, what stopped most people from being successful is the lack of 'knowing'. Without the ability to expect something good to come your way, you cannot envision yourself doing something worthwhile.

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