Learn how to detoxify your body with fruits only and stay fresh!

I was at the chemist/supermart on saturday, as I was waiting to pay for the stuffs I bought. The lady beside me asked the cashier who has a shelve full of biscuits beside her for a name of an imported biscuit that she felt was cool, the cashier couldn't give her a name as there were many imported brands on the shelf.

So she called the sales girl to pick for her, but the girl was just showing her different brands. I decided to cut in and give her a name of a brand I once loved, she then ordered for it, paid and left.

Somehow I felt guilty, considering the fact that the biscuit is filled with chocolate and sugar. Moreover I had earlier told someone about a tea that helps to maintain diabetes, and infact it was part of the stuffs I bought to give the person.

Knowing how addictive the biscuit can be, I felt like I just did harm to the lady. So out of a guilty conscience I decided to do a post on detoxification for those who will need it. I do need it too, and that's why I did my research on fruit detox.

If you are also a fan of sweet foods or junks and you will like to detoxify your body, here is a 7 days journey on fruits-only diet to help you remove those harmful toxins your body has stored.
Note 1: Your liver and kidneys naturally remove toxins and other harmful substances in the body. Doing a  fruits detox helps to promote the removal of these toxins as well.

Fruit detoxes are a great way to fast without starving yourself. Among other health benefits, getting enough fruit can increase your energy levels, help manage your weight, and even reduce the likelihood of stroke. You can either detox by eating a variety of different fruits, or by only eating one kind of fruit...As you wish.

Note 2: Choose a fruit that you enjoy eating so that you don't feel like you're suffering...LOL

It's advised that you do not exceed 7 days in a row of a fruit-only diet.
Here are the best way to detox with fruits only:

1. Eat citrus fruits.
These fruits have the highest detoxifying power, and include oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lemons, and limes. You can eat them on their own or combine them with other fruits. Again, do not exceed 7 days in a row of a fruit-only diet.

2. Grape detox.
Grapes contain resveratrol, which can protect against cancer and diabetes, and potentially prevent blood clots. They are also a great source of potassium and Vitamin C. Eat nothing but grapes (whichever kind you like) for 3-5 days.

Now I'm not feeling guilty anymore!... LOL

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