Link your back view to your beauty and lifestyle

After wearing a new cloth and I tried to seek my mum opinion on it, she would ask me to turn my back. Then I'd wonder what it is she was always looking for at by back when she's supposed to check out my front, see how well tucked in my tummy is, how well packaged my boobs were...LOL

Then one day, out of curiousity I asked her, and she said both front and back matters when determining how fitted a cloth is.

Though this post is not centred on clothes, it's more about you being conscious of your back...somehow after my mum said that I started to look at people from the back but I got much more than cloth fittings.

Your back speaks about your carriage, posture and shape. And it can even speak about your attitude. It can tell if you are careless or carefree.
Some look funny, some good, while some takes a big NO. Your back can tell a lot about your disposition.

There is a way some people pushed their legs out while standing, while some don't even care about how properly tucked in their shirt or blouse is at the back.

Some thinks people first impression about them has to do with their smiles and attitude, you'll be surprise someone can form an impression about you just from looking at you from behind.
Be conscious of your view from the back, let people admire you first from the back and be blown away by the front.

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