I can Do Bad all by Myself

When I was little, around 4 years old, I led some of my age mate on an unknown journey in the name of adventure and we got lost. We kept roaming the street but luckily for us a search party was organized and we were found.

As a kid in primary school I would skip school, with another friend and our two younger brothers and branch to a family friend house. The family friends kids were already grown up, but I and my friend had probably cook up some lies on why we can't be in school because I can't remember them correcting us. It continued till we were bursted, I'm sure we got the flogging we deserved.

I can't remembered being controlled by my friends to do something bad, but I may not be the gang leader but I'm definitely the gang strategic director...LOL

This always made me to wonder when parent complained about their kids moving with the wrong kids, then I would think, what if your kid is actually the one every kids should run from.

My mum is a teacher and a disciplinarian, she would even make sure we go to lessons and she also got us a home private teacher just to keep us busy. But all that did not stop me from planning mischief.

One thing I'm happy for is the fact that I quickly got it right and it prevented me from going deep into the dark tunnel.

I probably started thinking straight when I began reading about great women. My three first women then were majorly female faith leaders Kathryn kuhlman and Joyce Meyer, and the talk show host, Oprah Winfrey.

Then I had this awakening, that I can actually represent something good (even though I had no idea what I wanted to represent then).
Later, I discovered Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton in the world of governments and I knew there is really no limit to what I can become.

Thank God for my teacher then that filled my head with Kathryn's story. Even though I didn't always tread the right path or make the perfect decision after then, but what had being awakening in me really helped me and prevented me from making some certain wrong decisions.

Today's dose is a call to parents, don't always think your kids are being influenced by their peers to do wrong (most parents actually believe that) but fill their heart with inspirational words of what they can become, how they are the solution and leader their generation is waiting for.

Some parents need to take their kids on excursion to prisons, asylums and hospitals to know the adverse effect of some lifestyles. Then take them to big multinational companies, charity homes, shopping malls, chain or franchise restaurants to see the good they can work toward.

Help them get their thinking faculty and mentality straight, that is the best gift you can give them.

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