Sabbath's appetizer: Angel at work 2- My testimony

Last week I wrote about a family testimony, read it here. Today I will be talking on my own personal testimony.

After I graduated from school, I stayed around to do some stuff in school before traveling home. On a Sunday morning, I was prepared to go to church, I had ear piece plugged my ears, I was listening to Lara George song: Dansaki.

Then I attended church off campus, as I was about to cross the ife-ibadan express road, I knew I crossed the first lane, but that was all. I woke up to see people gathered around me. I asked what happened and I was told a bike man had hit me.

I stood up, and they asked if I wanted to go to the hospital, looking at the already shaken bike man who obviously could not afford the expenses, I said I would rather somebody help me to church as I was close to my church.

The girl who was helping me to church, told me I had been unconscious between 10-15minutes. In fact I had a temporary memory loss, as I remembered telling the girl I can't remember if I've graduated or still in my final year, I was even wondering what I'm doing if Ife that time. It was until I got to church and found a place to sleep, woke up with an headache before I remembered everything about me.

Yes, it's my fault that I had ear piece in my ear, on the road. I didn't even see the motorcycle coming, not to talk of hearing his horn.

Up till now I believed it was the angel of God that guided the road, the express is usually fill with traveling cars, how it happened that it was a motorcycle and not a fast moving car that knocked me out is still a mystery to me.

There are a lot of angelic works that I can't really write here. I remember a pastor saying God does not store prayers, he answer them. Keep praying, sow your seeds, give your offerings and tithes. And your angels will keep running your course.

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