Slim-fit your needs to your size

I was at a seminar where a banker came to enlightened us on managing our finance. He talked about people will borrow money to buy liabilities. And really, anything that you invest money in that will not put money back into your pocket is a liability.

I know people borrow money to do burials, weddings, birthdays and all. Some borrow to buy a car, not having a feasible repayment plan.

Now it's not only the big things I mentioned up there that people borrow to buy. But some borrow to buy petty things, clothes, shoes, food when they don't know how to pay back.

But I think most times it is better to be blessing conscious. If you don't have what to eat, why not tell that same friend you want to eat at his or her place?

Tell your friend to give you cloth or shoe rather than using the word borrow all the time. It's good to want to protect your ego, but don't let it end up disgracing you.

There are good debt, financial expert can tell you that. But if your debt is for liabilities, then slim-fit your needs to your size.

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