Why you buy things you can do without.

Most times we all share the same experience, so today I'm talking on why we buy somethings that we can actually do without.

1. Buying to impress.
Last sunday I entered one of the clothing stores in shoprite, it was near to my church so I'd gone there to buy bread after service. But I decided to enter one of the clothing stores for a white blouse. I noticed most of the cloth stands had 50% discount label on them but I knew it was just a market strategy since the prices was on the high side.

Anyways, I didn't really see anything extraordinary that cut my attention and the ones that looks like I might consider were rather too expensive. I know it's suppose to be expensive considering the store location and at the same time I thought to myself I know where to get a better blouse for a price I'm comfortable with, and I'm not too busy to go shopping elsewhere, so why waste my money.

But the fact is, I probably would have bought it if I went with some certain friends just to impress them.

2. Buying to belong.
It's a common thing now to see ladies stressing themselves over expensive hair extensions. Of course most of this ladies ain't buying it because of men, men don't use the hair extensions and most of them can't even differentiate them.

But the real competitions comes from the same gender, you want to act like your peers to fit into a class you created in your head.

"You are permitted to fake it till you make it, but it'd better be for a good cause. Because no matter the packaging you are who you are inside"- Elizablaze

3. Buying luxury
When I left the clothing store I decided to do a window shopping for a blazer. I entered another store and I told the sales guy what I wanted, he said they don't have blazers but offered to show me some jackets, I saw a boss jacket, the price tag was 85,000 Naira and I think I saw like two more of the same colour meaning it's not exclusive, I just smiled, said thank you to and walked out.

I don't support being frugal all the time but a Luxury is anything more than the necessary, be it in price or in function. What is luxury to me, may be normal to you in terms of it monetary value or use and vice versa.

There are two interesting about luxuries.

- We all like to enjoy ourself, when you buy a luxury as a business investment such as using it for rentage or for recreational purposes, you may have just bought yourself a gold mine.
But if you bought if for fun, then it will be a liability and trying to sell it later may just worth nothing less than half the price for which you bought it.

- We don't even need or use more than 30% of its functions. So it means 70% of the functions are just there laying fallow.

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