Don't hoard your bests.

You remember when you were little, during christmas period or on your birthday when your parents bought new clothes for you, and you eagerly wait for the D-day to come.

And then its christmas day, you are quick to show off your cloth to your friend? What a cute sight then.

I did it too, couldn't wait for school to resume so that I can launch my new shoe. One interesting thing is I would test the shoe several time in my room but will never make the mistake of stepping outside the house with it, until school resume.

It is however sad that some people never outgrow this mentality, they still carry on this childish act into their job and career.

I once heard a preacher said the intensity and energy that he used in preaching when his member were just five is still the same he uses now that he has thousands of members and branches in other cities. Just last week I watched a video where Bishop TD jakes said the same thing on when his members were just seven.

Don't get it twisted because I used preachers in my examples. It is the same in all organizations.

Some are waiting till they are promoted or become the manager of their organization before they give out that wonderful idea that will take the company forward.

They keep on brooding over the idea like a hen.

But you should know that until you give out that good shot you have, you won't get a better shot to launch.

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