Do you have words that you live by?

During political campaigns I noticed every political parties have a word that sum up their propaganda and agendas. The most popular ones in the just concluded Nigeria presidential election was change and transformation. With this, it was easy for people to judge or decide who they preferred. And 'Change' won.

What I got from this political campaigns was the fact that every aspects of our lives must have a word, be it your job, career, relationship, family, faith, fashion, food, health e.t.c this is necessary because when there is no word to which you live by, you will fall for any cheap thing.

Your word is like a principle, a standard you have set for yourself.

I remember the first month I started my blog, a friend met me and he said liked my blog but I should add news, gossips and sports. I smiled and I said thank you, but that's is not my line.

Of course trying to be all for people would have run me down. I don't even watch TV except I happen to be in a place where it's on. I'll rather watch a foreign movie when I'm less busy, so how will I start a gossip blog when I don't even know a quarter of the celebrities. I claim to be a Chelsea fan, but I don't know the names of the players neither do I watch football, again sport news is a NO.

The word for my blog is inspiration and smiles. And that is what has being keeping me focused when writing my post.

Career-wise for me, though I had a science background, and even studied Plant Science at the university. I know being a scientist wasn't it for me. I prefer the human resource management. So when the call for a job and adding to my educational knowledge. I knew a Masters in the Plant science is just like trying to commit suicide. Even though my mum thinks science is cool. The word I had for myself was focus. To focus on my intuition, what felt right and to got for it.

In a relationship for example, if faithfulness is your word, you won't leave your spouse just because you saw a more handsome man or a more beautiful woman. Of course there will always be someone who is more caring, nice, giving, romantic, beautiful and godly than your partner. But the word you have will keep you from jumping or flying around and changing spouse like cloths.

Your word is your personal brand.

I have seen business gone down because the owner just thought it as 'business as usual'. People getting tossed up and down in their career because they don't have a word they lived by.

The essence of this post will not be fulfil I don't say this. Take a peice of paper and a pen look into all aspect of you life. Ask yourself, where am I?, where am I coming from, where am I heading toward? Then have a word for those areas of your life.

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