A sensitive post

This is a sensitive post, and I'm writing it based on my concerned for people who have fallen victim and to help others from fallen victim.

I know people whose life have been ruined or who even died because of what spiritualists such as prophets have told them. Why do we listen to prophet? Because we believed they can see what we cannot see? Maybe because they act and speak in a spectacular way. 

After a prophetess prophesied to his siblings, she told him in the presence of his parent that he cannot amount to anything good. Later, he would be reading in school, and something would tell him, 'why bother yourself to read? After all it being said that you can't do good' he said he will close his book and fail.

Thank goodness he got it right, He's the senior pastor of COZA ministry, just a glimpse at him now should convince you, he has done a lot of goods.

In the university I have friends who told me how prophets have told them they will be successful. Then I notice how this so called prophecy have caused them to slack down. They started focusing on what to do to make money, who to marry to take them to the success that was said concerning them.

Some people have open up themselves to familiar spirits, once they are told about their past, they automatically believe the person talking. Familiar spirit cannot tell you your future, they can only communicate your past, since they are ageless spirit (they have been around for long). Some so called spiritualist only try to predict your future based on what they have learnt from your past.

No prophecy should create fear in you. It should either comfort you, exhort you or edify you, but if at all they see an impeding danger it should be communicated in a way that builds up courage and boldness in you, not fear, hopelessness and depression.

Personal prophecy should geared towards your salvation not your destruction.

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