You need to bring back yourself and renew YOU.

There are people that if I see today and I decide to give them a resounding slap, I will be justified. And there are some that if I decided to insult them or even sue them, I bet it is worth it.

Some of you also have experiences you can't talk about, because even the thought of it still send a chill down your spine.

Abuses you can't tell your parent because some they won't believe, some they won't understand, some they won't know how to handle it.

But I can rant from now till the end of time, it won't make any difference, the deeds had been done. It won't change how they made me feel.

There are people who where active, more of a sanguine or extrovert when they were young, but growing up they became an introvert, not because they are now mature. But the abuse, assaults either physically or verbally changed them.

But how do you go about reconstructing your foundation? I call it foundation because most of what you have become now is as a result of the stuffs that were sown into you when you were little, vulnerable and undefended.

I have read about successful people who are still held by the fear of failure or poverty, because they were once written off. Success has principles, you will be successful if you obey it, but it cannot change the anger and lovelessness deposited in you. I guess that explained why some very successful people can't seem to hold marriage together, you can count the divorce they've been through.

Since the idea of today's post dropped in my mind over the week, I have been feeling good about it. So I will be telling you what is practical in today's dose.
If you need a principle to justify the exercise I will talking about then use the principle of spirit, which says that 'man is a Spirit that have a soul and lives in a body.'

"Your spirit is ageless, your soul evolves while your body grows"- Elizablaze

The reason why I will be focusing on your Spirit is because when you were a baby your spirit is the same as it is now. It is superior over the soul and body.

So how do you use your spirit to override the assault, anger, hatred, fear e.t.c deposited into your soul and which has affected your emotions and belief system and body?

Simply bring back yourself and renew it.

The man in the mirror concept may have work for some people but what I'm about to share with you will settle you.

While growing up, some of you are lucky to have a praying parent, while some are unlucky to have a cursing parent. And some don't even have parent at all and have to hustle it out alone.

But the good news is that you are able to sow into your foundation again. And step up into the life you want.
For the exercise, you will need three of your pictures. The little you, the young you, and the present you.

1. The little you (baby to 2yrs)
This is when you were innocent, you couldn't  decided for yourself, good or bad, you just do.
Now speak (pray) to it like you would on your own child. Call your name and use the word 'you will' as though you are speaking to a baby or kid you carried in your hands.

Declare words on its future, it marriage, career, prosperity and health.
Confess and sow good prayers you think a little kid deserve, to guide and guard it in his or her journey of life.

2. The young you (5yrs to teenage period)
Here you are can think, but probably couldn't have defended yourself. Many of the things you learned and experience here has gone ahead to shape who you are now.

Speak (pray) the words that you wish it had learned to it. How will you pray for your child at that age? Speak it. Tell it to unlearn every negative things it has learnt. Pray for it future too.

3. The present you.
This is the picture you have taken not too long ago that carries your present realities with it.

See yourself as a parent who knows all the child is going through and pray the prayer you feel it need to construct in life. Pray for it future too.

Carry this picture about or keep it where you can constantly remember to pray on it. No one can do this for you the way you will do it.

Note: I could have kept this to myself, when the concept came to my mind, after all I have never read or hear about the exercise before. But I decided to put it in writing because I understand someone out there just need to hear this. Please kindly share this post to your friend or teach them the concept. Thanks

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