Money talks- Emotional giving and logical giving.

Last week, I was discussing with my mum about giving to beggars, and I told her I will no longer give roadside beggars money as I have read and heard a lot on how some of them can be very diabolical. I made up my mind to reach the poor through the welfare unit of my church, as it is safer.

Just a day after that discussion, I was on my way to the new shoprite at ring road ibadan. There was a woman seated with two little kids under a tree near to the mall. Even the woman looked disable and the kids looked hungry. I couldn't hold back the urge not to give.

So I gave her a token, while going I felt like giving her more money at least something that will feed her kids for the day. So I concluded I would give her on my way back from the mall.

By the time I was out, I purposely passed the route so I can see her, but she was gone. I felt so hurt, that throughout my journey back home I kept seeing the kids face. The thought that I wasn't able to give her more money brought tears to my heart.

Really, as human we are emotional being, even when you try to use logic, we may fail. But you must understand that logical giving is also very wise.

Logical giving is reasoning, a proper channel of one's resources, not blinded by emotions. For example you may intend to sponsor a family's child to school because you felt education will be good for him. Now, that may be based on your emotion, but when you look at it logically, schooling may just be a waste of time for him. Maybe a skill acquisition workshop could have been better.

How about lending someone your entire bank savings based on emotions such as trust, when logically you would have requested a guarantor? But you end up loosing your money.

You can't always base your judgment on logical reasoning alone, neither can you base it on emotional reasoning the two together.

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