Sabbath's Appetizer: Do you have the form and the power?

While attending a fellowship on campus, it got to a time I felt I had to change church. Though it was the students fellowship of the church I was attending at home. But for my personal christian growth I knew I don't want to play church or religion, I had to go where I can grow.

It wasn't like the fellowship wasn't good, but I noticed the sermon preached most Sunday during the time of the fellowship President were mostly based on conviction of sin and repentance.

So I'll leave church feeling sober, but it didn't really make me grow in my walk with God, I wanted more, I wanted where I can learn to know God for myself and take hold of my life physically and spiritually.

In my final year, I found what I was hungry for in a nondenominational church off campus, and years later, I have never regretted I made the decision. I was tired of having the form of a christian but lacking the power.

The first verse in Darlene Zschech song Believe, talks about how I felt then.

"I say on Sunday how much I want revival, But then on Monday I can't even find my Bible, Where's the power of the cross in my life"

Really, some of us just have to stop playing religion or church, we need place where we can learn how to grow our spiritual life and fellowship with God in our personal life.

I don't want to wake up at 85years old and realize I had only been playing church and religion all the while, that I never served God.

But please if you ever have to change Church, never leave in rebellion or fight, leave peacefully.

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