Sabbath's appetizer- Now I know what the Kingdom is.

I never fully grasp the meaning of 'seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness all these things will be added onto you' (Matthew 6:33), I use to think it means to be born again alone. Then I'm wondering why the other things like material blessings doesn't seem to be coming as it should.

But one day during my morning devotion I discovered that wherever the word of a king is, there his kingdom will be.

1. The kingdom of God is God's reign
2. It is His dominion
3. It is wherever His will prevails.
- Pastor Segun Obadje

Now I know, my seeking after the kingdom of God, means letting his words, power and character have it free course in my life and in all I do. Really, isn't that what actually attracts, contains and commands all other things I desires and even much more?
I'm ready to fill my being with His word, express and proclaim it with my activities. That is living in his kingdom!

Note: Though this Sabbath's Appetizer is short but I hope you got something from it.

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