Sabbath's Appetizer: What's more than his presence?

I'm not a fan of sitting down in front of TV and following all the programs as it comes. I have a saying that "TV should not happen to me, I should happen to TV" meaning I should be in control.

I once saw a TV show advert, and I so much loved it and I said I was going to watch it the next wednesday. But then wednesday would come and I won't remember. Then I saw the advert again, fell in love again, googled the show online. Read people's reviews and even loved it the more. This time around I said nothing will stop me from not watching it.

But once again wednesday came and I forgot. Then one day, while doing my laundry, the TV show crossed my mind and like a flash I remembered every wednesday is our holy communion service in church. And once it wednesday, going to the service is always the most important thing for me. No wonder the TV show never cross my mind.

But now I know that as long as the show will be shown every wednesdays, I may never watch it.

Two other flimsy excuse:

I'm tired.
I have had reasons to want to skip weekly meetings, especially after I just got back from work in the evening and have to go to church for the evening service, but then I will ask myself 'am I going to lift championship weight in church?' Nope I can still rest while I'm seated, so I have no excuse. Moreover I usually end up getting refreshed most times.

I Slept off.
I do joke that even my spirit know I shouldn't miss church. Yeah I've had times when I forgot to set my alarm and I still woke up on time or a little late and had to rush.
Well, the point of this post is too make us value the house of God and especially weekly services for those who don't attend.

For me, it's either Jesus or Jesus. I don't have any other option. And so should all christians.

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