The story of how Sade killed it at a Lagos wedding.

A sponsored post: Here is a conversation between Sade and her colleague Kike.

Kike: I heard you really outshine all the guests at Foluke's wedding on saturday, it's a pity I couldn't come. I follow DH to a boring book launch, I was just dozing off at every chance I got. 

Sade: (laughing) hahaha...in fact this one is more than normal, starting from my arrival at the reception, the ushers provided a place for me among the notable personalities, the MC and artists were just  praising me. They made me feel like I sponsored the wedding. It got to a time that fear was gripping me sef.

Kike: Really? you must have felt like a celebrity, so what's the secret to this glory.

Sade: ah, it was the accessory Kunle got for me on my birthday o, the thing was just blinging so much that people thought I was one big cash madam.  

Kike: really? Maybe I can come and borrow it too, I need to also shine small in this my one life too.

Sade: Borrow wetin? Abeg it was exclusively made for me at Emdee. Infact that Lady is a guru, you need to see her designs. I was just feeding my eyes with the works I saw.

Kike: Nawa o, so you are not ready to share? ok give me her contact jor. I must shine too.

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Unknown said...

I am blushing......speechless

Unknown said...

I must kill it like shade did, this weekend, lemme quickly run to emdee designs to get my own neckpiece..

Thumbs up.