Things money should not make you do.

Somebody once shocked me when she gave me the reason why she can't attend my church. She said she had attended a branch of the church before and loved the service, but because she didn't have a car, she can't attend!

I was really surprised and I asked her what a car has to do with church. She said the church is filled with rich people therefore she doesn't want to feel inferior. I said but I don't have a car too, then she said my case is different, because I'm single, that as a married woman it is embarrassing to go to that kind of church with her husband without a car. So until she's able to afford a car, she can't attend my church!

Do you know someone who also think like that?

Really I've heard of a girl who said she can't go to a particular church in Lagos because most of the members uses iPad for their bible reading, and she's ashamed of bringing out her hard copy!

Like someone was going to arrest her for not having iPad? The idea of money and acceptance is really crazy I tell you. So here is what money shouldn't make you do.

1. Don't let money determine your outlook toward life.

2. Don't let money determine your joy.
Abundance of money can make you happy, and lack of it can make you unhappy, because happiness is mostly influence by your environmental conditions. But joy is internal, positive and hopeful spirit. Money should not determine it.

3. Don't let money determine your ego.
If your self-worth is determined by the money in your back account, you're wrong.

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