What is it with your face?

I had this little black dots underneath my eyes, you have to come close to notice it. Let me say this funny story about it, you see, when I was still very young somebody told me it's nice, that it is common with white people. And as a little black girl, I was so proud of the fact that I had something in common with white people.

In fact when I'm asked what it was, I'd say it's from birth and not fail to mention that it's common with the Whites!...LOL

But later, I found out it wasn't something to boast about as I had thought. Actually it is called eccrine duct (sweat gland), thank goodness it wasn't much and that was why I thought it was cool. *smiles*

It's we ladies that actually give a big deal about the face, but then it is easy to cover it with make up...I remembered a joke about a who man met a girl, very beautiful with makeup on, then the next morning he saw her without make-up on, he nearly fainted at the totally different person he is now seeing.

I've actually experienced something like this before in female hostel at the university, though it was not like the lady was ugly after the make-up was off, but I was amazed at the darked spots caused pimples all over her face...we can't always live on make-up you know.
Well, I know wrinkles, crease, pimples, spots, black circles below the eyes e.t.c can make us feel uncomfortable, as some of these can make you look older, ugly, sick or tired. It's cool to want to totally eliminate it, moreover there are various tips and products all over the internet and market to take care of the conditions. I know antioxidants and moisturizers are good.

But when it comes to products, be careful as some anti-aging creams for clearing wrinkles contains ingredients such as retinol, that make can make your face sensitive to sun.

I'm not a doctor nor a beautician, I can't give you all you need for the perfect face. I'm a blogger, I will tell you to love your face, and if the world doesn't like it, let them deal with it!...LOL

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