When quick money isn't worth it.

Y'all remember a time MTN did treasure hunt? For those who don't know, it a sort of game a popular network provider in Nigeria did, where you keep sending a particular word to a certain number to accumulate points while a sum of 100naira will be deducted from your account. Once you enter for the game, phone numbers are randomly selected to qualify you for a certain millions of naira, daily and weekly.

So if you did not win in a day, you are tempted to keep up your points for the weekly draw. And a lot of gambles like that is still on with almost all the network provider today.

I remember I wasted 600 naira on it before I lent myself brain...LOL
As much as MTN were sending me messages to encourage me, telling me I'm almost there, I knew it was a big lie.

While it pained me that I tried it for six times, someone told me of a lady who had spent up to 20,000 naira, I was shocked then. But the biggest shock is the story my colleague told me about a friend of her Dad that spent about 100,000 naira! That is trying ten thousand times!

She said her Dad would warn the man to stop it, but the man won't have it, he even went ahead to borrow money. He would always tell my colleague Dad how they will share the money if he won... This man fell sick and had stroke, as a result of worrying and thinking.

I almost didn't believe the story, as I thought who on earth would think of wasting so much money for something that isn't sure.
But I later realize that it is very possible, after all people have lost properties due to gambling.

The idea of quick wealth, can make you act foolishly.

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