How to maximize your multipurpose abilities.

I was talking to a friend sometimes ago, she told me all she wanted to do in the future, how it doesn't really relate to one another and how she was confuse on the one to go for as a starter.

I smiled as I can relate to what she was saying. I have also been in that shoe before. I would lay my hands on something and stop because I'm bored with it, especially when I see that there is another business or skills that fascinates me. Then I would later start wondering what was wrong with me.

Then one day, I asked one of my lecturer in business school what I should do after stating my predicaments. He simply told me, that I should learn how to hold things, that because something else seems interesting doesn't mean I have to stop what I was doing so far it was working for me.

But for those who are yet to launch out or for those who are at a fix point or want to start over. Here are three things I have personally discovered.

1. Start with your core strength
Here is what everything that you have learned on passion will work out. Of course passion changes and new passion are developed, but don't make the mistake of going into a career or business you don't like, hoping you will fall in love with it along the line. I'm sorry but you may never do, not because the task, career or business isn't worth it, but because you may not have enough enthusiasm to combat the ugly head poking itself out.

2. Learn to shift things for later
I'm not saying you should procrastinate. But it is not everything that you wish to do that you are actually ready or prepared for. Don't rush into things so as not to rush out. Therefore tame yourself for success.

3. Learn to work on things
There is a difference between working IN things and working ON things. When you work in things, it can cover your eyes, moreover it's like you are in an enclosed room, with roof over your head. You can't see outside of the room.
Create a system, so that you will not be drown by your tasks. You have to be the manager of your life. And see to it that it doesn't crash with your eyes wide open.

For example it is possible for you to have a business and your are the only one managing it at the moment but before you started, your plan was to grow it big. Then, you can still create a system by breaking down all the functions required to make the business successful.

Even though it's like you're the only one running it on your own, when you want to hire a hand, you will be able to know which task you need help on or to totally leave to your employee. If not, you will keep thinking without you the business won't work, and you will be stuck and not able to run any other business or task.

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