Know the basis, before stepping it up!

While in the university I'd fell in love with the idea of working for a multi-national company, so when I heard of P and G (Procter and Gamble), I went to online to read about its history, while reading all of a sudden I seem to wake up from a dream after I read about how the father in-law cajoled the two husbands of his daughters to become business partners.

I thought of how a company that started with sales of soaps and candles has grown all over the world, now we call it a Multi-national business.

Hmmm...come to think of it, I started looking at the big businesses around where I would love to work, looked at the basis of the business and here is what I found:

1. MacDonald: sells baked flour,...isn't this something we eat all the time and can even make it at home?

2. P and G pampers: they sell a glorified tissue with absorbing gels to mums for their kids...LOL

3. Coca-cola: sells sugar water with some stuffs...hmmm

4. Tantalizer: sells cooked food,...common I can easily make it at home!

5. KFC: sells fried chicken,...who can't make that?

6. Marks and Spencer: sells cloths.

The point I'm trying to make is this, until I started seeing the company in this light, I started seeing the good in life. They are multi-national because the owners had visions that was bigger than them and stick to it.

Isn't it the big words such as 'multinational company' that even make some people to fail at interviews? Because they lacked self confidence, they see themselves too small to work in a prestigious organization.

I remembered in secondary school, I can get stucked in biology exam while trying to remember the word 'gaseous exchange' instead of simply writing 'breathing in of oxygen and breathing out of carbondioxide in animals' and when gaseous exchange did not come I leave out the question because I had not taken my time to grab the concept behind the word.

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